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Rani is a solution for South Asians based abroad who want the most up-to-date styles straight from the capital of India. Our services allow those people living abroad the ability to buy traditional items and the latest fashions from New Delhi without being overwhelmed by coming to an unfamiliar city or even leaving the comfort of their own home. We will create a personalized customer profile to understand your requirements and will ensure all items are completed on time and hassle free. Our team is known for their innovation and intuitive understanding of their clients. We recognize that patience and dedication are required to make our client's dreams and visions a reality. Our services provide them with the best New Delhi has to offer whether it's for a blushing bride to be who aspires to be the perfect Indian bride abroad or a fashionista who wants to know Delhi's best kept style secrets.
Neha Mahajan
Neha Rani Mahajan is the founder and principal consultant of Rani.

The vision for this company started as she realized there was a demand from South Asian brides in the US for clothing, jewellery, invitations and more to be designed traditionally and fashionably from India. Many of these women, however, were either extremely overwhelmed once they arrived in Delhi or were unable to travel to India altogether. Shopping proved as very frustrating for many, as they were unable to communicate in Hindi and were unfamiliar with the Indian business culture. Many people also did not have any relatives or friends who could accompany them or give them tips about where to shop once they arrived in India. Most visitors come to India with a time constraint and need a personalized service that can help them get in touch with the desired vendors and the latest styles according to their tastes and budget.

Neha has had first hand experience in shopping for a wedding in Delhi, as she planned her own wedding in Delhi from the U.S. She has expanded the business to include not only brides but all visitors to Delhi who need assistance manoeuvring around the city to get their work done. She offers a one stop shop for all fashion needs from Delhi.

Neha Mahajan received her Bachelor's Degree from Pennsylvania State University's Smeal College of Business. Born and raised in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Neha maintained her Indian roots by spending every summer in Delhi. She has now been living in India since 2007 and has developed excellent relationships with prominent businesses and boutiques in the city. She has the benefit of having a thorough understanding of both the cultures and is known for her elegant and tasteful fashion sense. Neha understands the needs of South Asians from abroad when they come to Delhi with limited time and a long shopping list!