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"Planning a wedding in India while living in the United States is no easy task. One of my most important and stressful tasks was finding the perfect lengha for my reception. Having visited a few stores in India and in the States, I was discouraged and frustrated that I couldn't find "the one." I called up Neha, who I shared the details (appearance, budget, weight) of my dream lengha with. She assured me that we would find it and told me to book my ticket to Delhi. She even arranged for convenient transportation to get me to and from the shop.

The shopping experience was phenomenal – though I don't speak Hindi, Neha flawlessly communicated with the shop assistants and they brought out perfect lengha after perfect lengha. We eventually found THE one – a gorgeous pale gold with purple and green embroidery and a stunning purple dupatta. Neha followed up with the shop to make sure the lengha was being completed on schedule. When I returned a couple of weeks before my wedding, I was whisked into the dressing room and slipped on the lengha, which fit like a glove and truly made me feel like a princess.

I couldn't have asked for more from Neha – she found me the perfect dress at the perfect price (even got me a discount!). If only planning the rest of the wedding was this easy!"
Hitha Palepu

"I was unable to come to India because I was a first year law student and I needed help finding Indian outfits to wear for my cousin and best friends' weddings that were taking place immediately after my finals ended! I could not find what I was looking for in the States nor did I have any shops close to me that I could easily access. I don't have many relatives left in India who would be able to run around and get the things I really wanted. Additionally they probably would not have let me pay them back for whatever they bought! I contacted Neha and in a short time she was able to take photos of outfits for me even though most of the shops usually don't let you take pictures. She has great relationships with the top shops in New Delhi and took pictures with her Blackberry and sent them real time to me. We went back and forth to help me decide which ones would be the best for me and for what occasion. I don't really have much of a style sense for what is going on in India because I was born and raised in the States, even though my parents are from India, so she was able to help me find the most current and trending styles that would also fit my personal style. Neha asked me questions to understand what exactly I was looking for and she spend time at each shop finding the best trends for the best price. I gave her my measurements and she had the outfits altered to my size. Additionally she arranged for the items to be delivered to me in New York! All in all, Neha is personable, easy to work with, accommodating with the time zone difference between India and New York. She was always accessible by phone and email, which is rare with many of the shops I had tried to work with directly in India. I will most certainly use Neha again to assist me with all future Indian weddings!"
Kanika J.
"I was coming to India for a very short time period and had already seen a Satya Paul couture outfit online from their recent fashion show which I had to have. The lengha was not available in stores yet but Neha contacted the head office in Gurgaon and was able to arrange an appointment with me with the designer of the lengha! She helped me to communicate with them to get my dream lengha and even make some alterations so that it would be perfectly suited to my style and body type. As a typical bride, I was very stressed that I could not take the lengha back with me due to time constraints, but Neha helped ease my tension by constantly following up with the people at Satya Paul and giving me regular updates. It made me very comfortable knowing I had a liason in Delhi making sure my lengha was getting made how i wanted it. She made sure the lengha was delivered on time from India to me in Virginia! She was also able to help me get my jewellery made for my wedding. I had a particular gold and kundan style in mind which was created and given to me by a trusted jeweller. I also had a set idea of how I wanted my bridemaids outfits to look and Neha was able to help me make them a reality! If I did not have her help, I would have not known how to even go about fulfilling all my wedding dreams as I have no family or relatives to help me in Delhi and I wanted to shop in the city where the fashion trends were up to date."
Harman Dhillon
"Neha was so helpful in finding me puja and mendhi outfits plus all the accessories. I had transitioned into a new position during the whole wedding planning process and was not able to go to India to shop for my own wedding! However, I was able to get exactly what I wanted through Neha's keen eyes. She was extremely patient and listened to what I wanted and provided me with all the details through the process. She made me feel very comfortable by keeping me posted with photographs and making multiple trips to ensure that my needs are met. Her taste is impeccable and I can't wait to wear the outfits she found for me. Overall, the process was so easy and enjoyable and I wish I had asked Neha to get ALL my wedding outfits!"
Sudharshana S.